Restaurants Near Stonehenge

Restaurants Around Stonehenge: Best Dining Experiences

Stonehenge is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the United Kingdom because it is both beautiful and mysterious. Due to its beauty and mystique, Stonehenge is among the most well-known tourist destinations in the United Kingdom.You're certain to get hungry after spending the day trying to discover the secrets of this prehistoric monument. If you are travelling from London to Stonehenge, you should definitely find a place to eat before or after seeing this iconic sight. Restaurants near Stonehenge include Tandoori Nights, Siam Smile Thai Kitchen, Wagamama, A Date With Thyme Lah Koh, Baroushka, Qudos, Piazza and Stones Café. 

Enjoy the finest and most delectable cuisines to make this trip one of the most flavorful and memorable ever. Whether you come here for lunch or supper, you may choose from a variety of homestyle British dishes as well as some more inventive options. During your tour to Stonehenge, enjoy a variety of hot and cold refreshments in the restaurants, including salads, sandwiches, soup and their world-famous rock cakes.

Lah Koh

From cuisines such as Donburis to Bibimbaps and Jjigaes, Lah Koh embraces a wide range of Korean and East Asian food. The restaurant has a fine dining setting where you can enjoy a variety of delicacies. Lah Koh is one of the best restaurants around Stonehenge that serves delicious coffee and handmade cakes. They also highlight the greatest aspects of SouthEast Asian drinking culture, where you can eat a lot of delectable cuisines and drink customisable beverages. They also provide a variety of intriguing Asian non-alcoholic drinks, like bubble tea, and many more!

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A Date With Thyme

A Date with Thyme offers tired guests a relaxing environment that is perfect after a long day of walking. The abundance of natural light and wooden furniture create an airy feeling in this delightful corner. The greatest spot to go with your friends, partner, and family is Date with Thyme if you're searching for something light to eat in the middle of the day. The decor has cushioned chairs and couches beneath gorgeous light fixtures, emphasising the comfort of its customers. 

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Piazza is one of the family-friendly Italian restaurants around Stonehenge that provide the best pizza, spaghetti, desserts and local beers. Dine inside and savour massive pizza, or dine outside and enjoy the mountain air on the beautiful terrace. They lavishly top each pizza with handmade sauces and some of the area's finest local ingredients before putting it into a genuine Italian pizza oven. Try one of the numerous Italian favourites, such as chicken parmesan, a meatball sandwich, or one of the delicious pasta bowls. Don't forget about the salads, which are some of the best in town!

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Siam Smile Thai Kitchen

Siam Smile, one of the top Asian restaurants near Stonehenge, is a refreshing change from the superb British cuisine in the neighbourhood. It is easy to overlook this amazing eatery because it is hidden inside the Antrobus Hotel on Church Street. Adventurers who put up the effort, however, will be rewarded with an attractive ambience established by the profusion of Thai design. Thai mainstays like Chicken Pad Thai or Green Curry can entice you as they are handled superbly by Siam Smile. 

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Qudos is one of the finest restaurants near Stonehenge that serves only the best and highest quality meals. All of the meals and sauces are made in-house and therefore unique. The menu features a combination of classic pub fare and international specialties. The restaurant is open seven days a week and caters to all tastes. Breakfast will set you up for the day, with options ranging from a continental buffet to hot breakfast made to order. The lunch menu includes light lunch sandwiches or baguettes, as well as healthful soups or salads and traditional favourites. The dinner menu is designed to please everyone with a variety of seafood, meat, and vegetarian meals to satisfy every appetite.

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Stones Café

Stones Café is popular with both residents and tourists seeking affordable, simple and traditional British fare. This little cafe is located behind a brick-lined storefront. Looking for something quick and easy to eat before heading to Stonehenge? The stone cafe is the perfect spot, here you can have a jacket potato stuffed with cheese, beans, gammon, coleslaw and chilli here. Stones Café is a nice spot to sit and drink afternoon tea if you want to relax in a cafe while enjoying the surroundings. 

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Tandoori Nights

Tandoori Nights is a well-known Indian restaurant that serves high-quality and diverse Indian cuisine with professional staff in a pleasant atmosphere. One of our favourite restaurants near Stonehenge is Tandoori Nights, a superb Indian restaurant, which is located indoors. The food is simple but delicious here. It can be a little intimidating because there are so many alternatives, including chicken, lamb and vegetables. The Lyallpuri, in which the tikka is blended with ground Punjabi spices, coriander, green chilli and fried onion, is recommended for those searching for a more spicy alternative. 

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Wagamama is a popular and affordable Japanese restaurant near Stonehenge that serves delicious dishes. Long communal tables and a kitchen window allow guests to observe the cooks carefully preparing each meal. It is located behind a contemporary glass facade. What distinguishes Wagamama from the other Asian restaurants near Stonehenge? They provide high-quality cuisine at a reasonable price. For around £15, you can enjoy a steak bulgogi that has been marinated for several hours and is served with miso-fried aubergine over soba noodles.


Baroushka is one of the top Middle Eastern restaurants near Stonehenge, with its elegant design influenced by the Lebanese origins that form the foundation of its exceptional cuisine. Start with the Red Sea Calamari, which is expertly fried in a Mediterranean coating and topped with sumac mayonnaise. This method of cooking preserves the squid's flavour while keeping it soft. They provide Group Feasting, Private Hires, Drinks and Bites for smaller groups.

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What are some of the best restaurants near Stonehenge?

When visiting Stonehenge for the first time, you might prefer a more popular locale; but, if you're travelling alone, a smaller local restaurant might be more fascinating. There are many excellent restaurants nearby Stonehenge, including Reeve The Baker, The Bridge Inn, Siam Smile Thai Kitchen, Stones Café, Tandoori Nights, and Tinga.

Is it necessary to make reservations at restaurants near Stonehenge?

No, reservations are not required at every restaurant. There are some restaurants near Stonehenge where you don't need any reservations.

Are vegetarian and vegan options available at restaurants near Stonehenge?

Yes, there are many restaurants near Stonehenge that offer vegetarian and vegan options. If anyone is looking for a fantastic vegetarian restaurant, Lah Koh, Tinga, Pizza Venti, Thai Sarocha, and Thai Orchid have some of the best vegan alternatives on their menu.

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Why is Stonehenge so famous?

The fact that Stonehenge is the only surviving example of its sort makes it noteworthy. Although its actual purpose and motivation for construction are unknown, Stonehenge is the location of one of Neolithic Britain's greatest cremation cemeteries. At Stonehenge and nearby sites, archaeologists have discovered human bones, fossils, prehistoric artefacts, and more. These discoveries have elevated Stonehenge to the vanguard of archaeological discovery. Stonehenge, a masterpiece of architecture, is home to one of the earliest prehistoric stone circles. 

What is the best time to visit Stonehenge?

Stonehenge can be visited all year long since London's climate makes year-round travel possible. The best time to visit Stonehenge is either early in the morning or late in the evening. Avoid peak rush hours if you want to obtain a clear image of the attraction. Additionally, the summer months, from July to mid-September, are the busiest for tourists. Therefore, if you want to avoid crowds, spring or autumn are often the ideal times to go because it may still be bright and not as chilly as winter.


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