Stonehenge Exhibitions

Stonehenge Exhibitions: Interactive Exhibits and Artifacts

Enter the historic world of Stonehenge which is one of the most famous and sophisticated architectural sites of its time. Situated in Salisbury in the UK, the Stonehenge exhibitions take you through a mysterious journey of the Neolithic era through its monuments and the 250 artifacts on display. Uncover the story behind each of the objects on display here to learn about the story of the people who lived here. Interactive tables, touch screens, and videos make the Stonehenge Exhibitions even more interesting for visitors. 

Take a glimpse of the archeological finds of prehistoric times like jewelry, pottery, tools, bones, and stones to know more about the lifestyle followed by the people of the bronze and neolithic eras. Furthermore, you will be amazed to see the monuments surrounding the nearby landscape of the area. One of the most notable and popular is the Stonehenge Stone Circle which attracts millions of visitors to the place. Filled with mysterious and awe-inspiring objects at every corner, you will see that the history of Stonehenge traverses time making it a truly unique destination to visit.  

Exhibitions In Stonehenge

Stonehenge Exhibition

Discover the story of England at the Stonehenge exhibitions which houses over 250 archeological objects and precious objects spanning years of history. You will see archeological artefacts, stones and landscapes and see the reconstructed face of a man who was at Stonehenge 5,500 years ago. Pottery, jewellery, and tools used in ancient times can be seen here at the Stonehenge exhibit. Furthermore, the Stonehenge exhibition lets you discover the full story behind Stonehenge through the latest audio-visual technology and ancient objects. They also have regular special exhibitions in the visitor’s center.

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Objects On Display

Get the chance to see hundreds of prehistoric objects belonging to the World Heritage Site at the Stonehenge Visitor’s Centre. Most of the objects here like pottery, jewellery, and stones are on loan from its museum partners, Salisbury Museum and Wiltshire Museum. Here you will find rare stones and bones like the ‘Arrowheads’ from the late Neolithic period and the ‘Mandible’ jaw bone found at the bottom of the Stonehenge ditch years ago. One can even visit Stonehnge’s partner museums to know more about the riches of this prehistoric era.

Circles Of Stone: Stonehenge And Prehistoric Japan

One of the newly opened Stonehenge exhibitions, the Circles of Stone pays an ode to the rich culture of prehistoric Japan. Housing several prestigious objects, the exhibition takes the visitors on a journey of Japanese settlements and stone circles of the middle and late Jomon period. You will discover that even though Japan and Britain may not have a direct link in history, they share a strong connection in the way people built stone circles and used stone tools as well as how rituals were performed. 

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Stonehenge And Beyond

Uncover more secrets about the prehistoric era of Stonehenge when you visit its partner museums, Salisbury Museum and Wiltshire Museum. Beyond the Stonehenge exhibitions, you will find a diversity of art, history, and archeology at these museums. The Salisbury Museum has numerous courses, tours, and exhibitions that let visitors dive deeper into the Stonehenge era. Tour the interactive galleries at Wiltshire Museum and see gold treasures from the Stonehenge era.

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Know Before You Visit Stonehenge

Essential Information
How To Reach

Location: Wiltshire, SP4 7DE, Near Amesbury, United Kingdom

Timings: Here are the opening hours of Stonehenge:

From September- May: Open from 9:30 am to 5 pm

From June to July: Open from 9:30 am to 7 pm

Visitors can visit the Stonehenge Exhibitions year-round except on Christmas Day (December 25th) as it is closed. 

Best time to visit:  The best time to visit Stonehenge is during the early morning or evening when the exhibition is about to be closed. This is the ideal time to visit if you want to beat the crowds and enjoy the tour with ease. Summer months from June to September observe a lot of crowds at Stonehenge, so spring or autumn would be a good season to visit. 

By Train: Reach Stonehenge through a train journey from London to Salisbury train station in only two and a half hours. 

By Car: One of the most convenient ways to reach Stonehenge is by car. The journey from London takes about 2 hours. 

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How long is the Stonehenge exhibition?

Your Stonehenge exhibition experience averages around 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours. However, this duration hinges on personal engagement levels with over 250 archaeological treasures on display. You'll delve deep into Neolithic history, engaging with themed sections that span from 6000 to 2800 years ago. Notable exhibits include the reconstructed face of a 5,000-year-old man.

Where is the Stonehenge exhibition?

The Stonehenge Exhibition is located in the famous British Museum in London. This insightful display showcases prehistoric Europe's narrative, particularly emphasising the iconic Stonehenge monument. You'll traverse themed sections, spanning from 6000 to 2800 years ago, unveiling the beliefs, rituals, and perspectives of Neolithic individuals. The exhibition provides an illuminating lens into Stonehenge's cultural significance and its creators' profound understanding of their world.

Why is Stonehenge famous?

One of the most sophisticated architectural marvels of the prehistoric era, the Stonehenge exhibitions attract millions of people year round. Its surrounding landscape consists of incredible monuments and stone structures like the Stone Circle monument which are a sight to see. The site provides insight into the lifestyle followed during the Neolithic and Bronze eras. 

What is the best time to visit Stonehenge?

The best time to visit Stonehenge is in the early morning when the place has just opened or during the late evening hours to avoid crowds. Additionally, Stonehenge is crowded during the summer months of June and July. So plan your visit during the spring or autumn months of April, May, or October when there are fewer crowds and the weather is pleasant.  

How old is Stonehenge?

One of the most famous prehistoric monuments in the world, Stonehenge was built in several phases. The earliest structure was constructed about 5,000 years ago and the famous stone circle monument was built in the Neolithic era in 2500 BC. Many burial mounds were built in the nearby landscape during the Bronze Era. 

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Who built Stonehenge?

Countless theories revolve around the construction of Stonehenge. There is no evident finding about who built Stonehenge; however, folklore states that it was created by the wizard Merlin of the Arthurian legend. Some recent findings also state that the first changes on the site were made by Mesolithic hunter-gatherers. 

How long should one spend in Stonehenge?

A visit to the exhibitions in Stonehenge will take up about 45 minutes to an hour of your time. In an hour you will be able to see the exhibitions and the objects at the visitor’s centre. If you want to explore Stonehenge in more detail, then you can expect to spend about 2 hours here experiencing the immersive audio-visual tours to uncover its history. 

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