How To Reach Stonehenge

Stonehenge: An Iconic British Landmark

Stonehenge is an ancient monument, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. It is amongst one of the world’s most famous prehistoric monuments and continues to undergo several restorations over the years. The monument consists of some large stones made out of Sarsens, and smaller bluestones, which form Bluestonehenge. For a long time, the precise usage of the stones kept here or the place where they came from was unknown. Its meaning could be understood through archeological excavations only during the twenty-first century. The discovery of burials of wealthy people was the primary revelation of the vicinity. 

What makes the site so popular amongst tourists is its historical importance and well transport connectivity. You can explore this exceptional piece of architecture utilizing a range of transportation options without worrying about how to reach Stonehenge. Don't worry about how to reach Stonehenge as various modes of transportation are available for tourists including cars, taxis, buses, and trains. Those who wish to take a stroll or bicycle to the site can do so via Amesbury town of Wiltshire.

How To Reach Stonehenge

By Public Transport

There are train and bus services operating in the region. Regular train services to Salisbury from London or Bristol/ Bath or Southampton are available. But, the distance of Stonehenge from Salisbury is 8.9 miles which takes around 15 minutes via A360 road, which can be covered either via bus services or taxi. 

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By Taxi

You can easily avail a taxi from Windsor, Salisbury or Bath to Stonehenge. Numerous taxi options at different time schedules and at affordable prices are available, thus solving the problem of pondering over how to reach Stonehenge. These taxis are accessible by people with special needs as well and are completely user-friendly. 

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By Foot

You can opt for a pleasant 2.5-mile walk to Stonehenge from nearby Amesbury town. It's an easy route and saves you the time of fretting over how to reach Stonehenge. It is a bit of a trek but only more peaceful through the English countryside. You can also get down at Woodhenge to take an adventurous hike of 60-90 minutes before visiting Stonehenge.

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By Car/Cab

If you are wondering about how to get to Stonehenge without any hustle, one of the best ways to do so is by car or a cab. The roads are crowded during rush hours, so you should take extra time for traveling. You can enjoy the scenery of the English countryside while traveling and can even stop at Winchester along the way to relax.

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By Bicycle

The best route to reach Stonehenge on a bike is from Larkhill. The route has been recently resurfaced to suit the riders. You can also opt the route of West Amesbury using the pavement of the road A303 and cross at Stonehenge Bottom. From both the routes, you can find yourself in open fields with a good view of the monument.

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Know Before You Visit Stonehenge

Essential Information
Best Time To Visit
Tips To Visit

Location: It is located in Salisbury SP4 7DE, United Kingdom, and is at a distance of 13 kilometers north of Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. 

Timings: The monument’s premises remain open from 9:30 AM - 5 PM for the whole week, that is, from Monday to Sunday. However, the last admission time is two hours before the closing time i.e., at 3 PM.

With the diverse range of vehicular options available, tourists need not be concerned about how to reach Stonehenge and during which hours. They can reach the park anytime during its operational hours but it's best to visit Stonehenge in the early morning. Park is less crowded and the weather is pleasant, thus making it comfortable for a walk around the premises. It's advisable to plan a tour of the site in the months of spring or autumn when the clear weather makes the park an even more beautiful place. 

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  • There are several transport options available to Stonehenge from London and other locations. Though many may sound confusing, a private taxi will help you how to get to Stonehenge. 
  • Arrive early at the monument by either taking a shuttle bus from the entrance of the premises to Stonehenge or by walking. 
  • It is advised to walk to Stonehenge as you might have to wait in line to take the bus. Also, by arriving early you have the opportunity to click better pictures.
  • You can also book an online ticket to make your trip to Stonehenge more amazing and informative.
  • Before visiting, do not forget to check the weather conditions as the whole monument stands in an open area.
  • Buy the overseas visitors pass which comes at a massive discount package and get access to over 100 different UNESCO World Heritage sites across the United Kingdom.
  • You may also get access to the Stone Circle, which is permitted only on specific dates, where you can get close to and feel a personal touch with the stones. 
  • Consider visiting nearby places to Stonehenge such as Oxford, Stratford- Upon- Avon. 

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How to reach Stonehenge by public transportation?

If you are in a dilemma about how to reach Stonehenge, public transport can be your answer. These transports are equipped with special needs and work at regular hours. If you are travelling with luggage, you may leave it at the Cat Tavern, Salisbury, Wiltshire at 4 euro per item, which is about 100 metres from Salisbury station. 

How to reach Stonehenge from the train station?

If you're worrying about how to reach Stonehenge then take a train to Salisbury, where you can find plenty of transport. A 35-minute bus tour or a ride through Woodford Valley can help you reach Stonehenge after witnessing the beauty of the English countryside. If you are a group of more than 2 people, you can also choose to travel in an Uber X to reach Stonehenge without spending too much money. 

Are there any parking facilities near Stonehenge?

There is an on- site parking facility available with no parking charges for members. During the peak hours, non-members and visitors with no pre-booked tickets would have to pay parking charges. There is a separate dedicated parking space for motorhomes which has different parking charges. Also, the visitor centre at the Stonehenge has parking facilities available.

What is the best way to avoid crowds when visiting Stonehenge?

The Stonehenge witnesses massive tourists incoming during the late hours. But, the crowd can be avoided by arriving early in the morning after opening or during late afternoon just before closing. If you are visiting during winters and aim to defeat the crowd, you can come during early afternoon around 1 - 3 PM. 

Why is Stonehenge so famous?

Stonehenge is one of the most famous and recognizable sites in the world, and is known for its architecturally sophisticated prehistoric stone circle. It is one of the few surviving stone circles in the world and is also regarded as a cultural icon of the country. The site is a common place for family and friends gathering to throw a picnic. Another reason for the popularity of the site amongst tourists is its accessibility via the public and private transport which provide them numerous options about how to reach Stonehenge.  


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