Hotels Near Stonehenge

Hotels Around Stonehenge: Best Stay Recommendations

Plan your visit to the historic world of Stonehenge and stay at one of the many hotels near Stonehenge which provide a comfortable and relaxing stay to the visitors in the Kush countryside. Stonehenge is amongst the most famous and sophisticated architectural sites of its time situated in Salisbury in the UK. Just a couple of miles away from this site, you will find the best places to stay near Stonehenge that provide a homely stay combined with history and nature. Choose from the Holiday Inn Salisbury which has modern rooms and alfresco dining or Stonehenge campsite and glamping where visitors can stay near meadows and campsites. 

Stonehenge is filled with mysterious and awe-inspiring stories as well as monumental sites like the Stonehenge Stone Circle that surrounds the landscape of the area. Visitors can book an overnight stay at the many hotels in the beautiful countryside of Salisbury and Wiltshire to visit this site with ease.

Stonehenge Inn & Shepherds Huts

One of the closest and best hotels near Stonehenge. Located in the Durrington and the Larkhill part of Amesbury, it offers a great stay in its room-only accommodation equipped with all amenities like private en-suites, wifi, and flat-screen TVs. Other accessibilities in the area include restaurants, bars, and a beautiful courtyard. It is close to nearby attractions like the Longleat, Old Sarum Castle, and the Cathedral city of Salisbury. The visitors can also enjoy viewing the mini Stonehenge, a mini replica of the Stonehenge monument that is placed inside the inn. 

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Holiday Inn Salisbury

Holiday Inn Salisbury provides a comfortable and vibrant stay to its customers with its modern rooms, conference areas, heated terrace and alfresco dining. Situated 8 miles away from Salisbury, the inn is at a convenient location which gives you access to nearby locations like Bath or South Coast at Southampton, both an hour’s drive away. Leisure in a buffet breakfast at their restaurant or relax in your double-glazed window bedroom at one of the best hotels around Stonehenge. 

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Antrobus Hotel

Situated in the Amesbury west part of Amesbury, Antrobus Hotel is one of the best places to stay near Stonehenge which is just a 4-minute drive away from the Stonehenge monument. Inspired by the 17th-century cottage inn style, it has 20 individually styled en-suite rooms along with other amenities. Some of the main highlights here include a beautiful English rose garden, a highly-rated restaurant, a fully licensed bar, and a spacious venue for corporate events or wedding receptions that can cater to 200 people. 

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Scotland Lodge

Located just a 15-minute drive away from Stonehenge, Scotland Lodge in Salisbury offers a serene, homely stay to its visitors. Equipped with amenities like wifi, an arcade room, a library, and a picnic area, the lodge is one of the most convenient hotels near Stonehenge. With only 6 rooms in the lodge and a complimentary breakfast menu, you will feel right at home while living in this property.

Fairlawn House

Fairlawn House is one of the best places to stay near Stonehenge, situated in the gorgeous setting of a Georgian Grade II listed townhouse in Amesbury town center. Just 2 miles away from Stonehenge, this is a family-owned and run guesthouse that provides a warm and friendly welcome coupled with professional service. It is your home away from home where you can enjoy staying in guest rooms decorated in traditional furnishings and contemporary accents. They also serve hit breakfasts and continental buffets to the guests. While staying here, you can also explore the countryside of Whiltshire on foot or by cycling. 

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Stonehenge Campsite & Glamping

Stonehenge campsite and glamping is one of the best hotels near Stonehenge which lets the visitors be close to nature. With a meadow next to the campsite overlooking the beautiful ancient village church, you can enjoy a relaxing summer holiday in their self-equipped camping units having a washing machine, bathroom, fridge and seating area. With spacious, well-furnished and close to local attractions like the Old Wardour castle, it is ideal to spend a serene trip in the scenic countryside with your family. 

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The Mill House

Located in Berwick Saint James, the Mill House has modern en-suite rooms surrounded by quaint wilderness and gardens. Situated on the edge of Salisbury, visitors can enjoy the lush meadows, the views from the terrace while relaxing in their rooms which overlook the mill stream and gardens. You can also savour an english breakfast in their gorgeously decorated dining room. 

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Amesbury Near Stonehenge

With a quiet garden and street view outside the windows, Amesbury near Stonehenge is amongst the best hotels near Stonehenge that aims to provide a convenient stay to its visitors. It has a free parking option and wifi throughout the property. You will find plenty of restaurants and eating options nearby as well.  

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What are the best hotels near Stonehenge?

Here are some of the best hotels near Stonehenge:

  • Fairlawn House: One of the best hotels near Stonehenge, it provides a relaxing countryside experience to visitors. 
  • The Old mill hotel: Another one of the best hotels around Stonehenge is situated in Harnham near Salisbury, The Old Mill was built over 300 years ago and has 11 rooms spread over three floors.
  • Antrobus Hotel: You can enjoy the views of the English rose garden from the en-suite rooms of Antrobus Hotel. 

Are there any luxury hotels near Stonehenge?

Yes there are several luxury hotels near Stonehenge including Caboose which is one of the most luxurious hotels around Stonehenge. It was also once a historic building, but now hosts a luxurious hotel stay decorated with quality furnishings and a maximalist design. You can also enjoy your luxury stay at the Kings Arms Hotel which is located in Salisbury, it offers a fantastic stay to the visitors wishing to discover the city.

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Do the hotels offer shuttle services to Stonehenge?

While some hotels do provide a shuttle bus service to Stonehenge, however you won’t find this facility in a lot of hotels near Stonehenge. It is advised to check at the reception of the hotel to know more about their available services. 

Why is Stonehenge famous?

Stonehenge is one of the most sophisticated architectural marvels of the prehistoric era. Built around 5,000 years ago, its mysterious and fascinating history can be uncovered by visiting the exhibitions here. Its surrounding landscape consists of incredible monuments and stone structures like the Stone Circle monument which attract millions of people year round. Book Stonehenge tickets and get an insight into the lifestyle followed during the Neolithic and Bronze eras. 

What is the best time to visit Stonehenge?

The best time to visit Stonehenge is in the early morning when the place has just opened or during the late evening hours to avoid crowds. Additionally, Stonehenge is crowded during the summer months of June and July. So plan your visit during the spring or autumn months of April, May or October when there are fewer crowds and the weather is pleasant.  


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