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Discovering Stonehenge: Journey From Bath To Stonehenge

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Stonehenge is an ancient monument consisting of prehistoric stones and is one of the most famous sights in Britain. The circle monument has been used as an expression of the power and wealth of the chieftains, aristocrats, and priests, who were buried here. It is an incomplete structure, whose sarsens and bluestones are believed to be taken away during Britain’s Roman and medieval periods. Stonehenge was built in several stages, during the first stage (3000 - 2935 BCE) its oldest part was built in a circular enclosure which continues to stand still. A second, smaller bluestone circle with 25 Welsh bluestones, called Bluestonehenge was also built. Between the first and Second stages (2640 - 2480 BCE) there have been human burials at Stonehenge.

During the third stage (2470 - 2280 BCE) as per radiocarbon dating, the side ditches and banks of the ceremonial avenue were dug from the monument to the River Aton. Bluestones were rearranged to form a circle during the fourth stage (2280 - 2030 BCE), and in the fifth stage (2030 - 1750 BCE), a ring of pits also called Z Holes was dug outside the circle. Bath is a beautiful nearby destination that receives a massive influx of tourism for pleasure and relaxation as many visitors take a Stonehenge tour from Bath. Tourists often stay in Bath and travel from Bath to Stonehenge to explore and visit Stonehenge. 

Getting To Stonehenge From Bath

By Car/Cab

Bath is one of the big West Country sights and a Georgian city. Tourists often explore and visit Bath and Stonehenge one after another. One can travel to Stonehenge from Bath by private or public transport. Opting for private transport would consume less time and remain comfortable and hassle free. There is a direct route from Bath to Stonehenge via A36 and B390 with an approximate distance of 33 to 35 miles which takes around an hour to cover the same.

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By Train

There are direct train routes for the Bath to Stonehenge tour, by boarding train from Bath Spa railway station heading towards Portsmouth Harbour. It will take approximately two hours via train to reach Stonehenge from Bath. Alternatively, there is an indirect route with one halt at Salisbury, in which one may board a train to Salisbury Railway station and board another train heading to Stonehenge. This is usually recommended when a visitor wishes to explore Salisbury. 

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By Bus

Several service provider companies provide Bath to Stonehenge tour services. It involves a guided tour through scenic villages, including the pretty village of Lacock. You may opt for a return journey from Stonehenge to Bath. The details of the tour will be mentioned in the ticket provided. Traveling by public transport allows visitors to enjoy a Stonehenge tour from Bath. One may also book a bus from Bath to Stonehenge in advance and it takes around one and a half hours to reach.

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Know Before You Visit Stonehenge

Location: Stonehenge is located on Salisbury Plain, at around 13 kilometers in the north direction of Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.  

Timings: The vicinity consists of Stonehenge opening hours from 9: 30 AM to 5 PM during all days of the week that is from Monday to Sunday. The last admission time in the premises is two hours before closing time i.e., 3 PM. Thus, visitors will not be allowed to enter the premises after 3 PM.

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Stonehenge is during the morning hours, just after the opening time or during the afternoon before closing time. During this time, the vicinity remains less crowded and allows optimum exploration and good visits. The best months to visit the monument are during the months of April, May and October, during the spring or autumn season. The weather is pleasant during these months, and since summer is the busiest season, you may plan your itinerary accordingly.

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What To Expect At Stonehenge

  • At Stonehenge, you may expect a visitor centre at a mile distance from the stone circle with facilities for car parking, exhibition, a cafe, gift shop, a collection centre with multi-language audio book guides and restrooms. 

  • The ticket to Stonehenge allows you access to the visitor centre, shuttle bus besides the landscape of the Stonehenge.

  • In the exhibition at the centre, about 300 archeological treasures used for burial at Stonehenge are displayed along with information upon construction of the monument. 

  • There is an exclusive range of books, souvenirs and gifts at the cafe. The indoor cafe at the centre has 110 seating capacity and serves beverages, drinks, and snacks.

  • One may also expect audio guides available in ten languages i.e., English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Dutch and Swedish. 

  • Besides, there is shuttle service for to and fro of visitors from the entrance of the premises to the circle, which operates free of charge from visitors.

  • In Special Access visits, tourists may expect private or special access to the stones in which a maximum of 26 people can go beyond the barriers for other tourists and walk amongst the stones.

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What is the distance from Bath to Stonehenge?

The distance from Bath to Stonehenge is approximately 33.3 miles or 53.6 kilometres. You'll find that this route, often traversed by visitors, is well-marked and straightforward, offering a journey immersed in the picturesque English countryside. While Bath boasts its historic Roman-built baths, just a short drive away, Stonehenge stands as an iconic prehistoric monument, making the trip a dual encounter with ancient marvels. 

How do I get to Stonehenge from Bath?

There are several modes for commuting from Bath to Stonehenge, such as flexible, private or personalised travel or public transportation with specified time schedules. In private mode of travel, one may choose to drive via A36 and B390 or take a cab to reach Stonehenge. And in public transport, one may commute via train to Salisbury railway station and take a bus to Stonehenge, or take any of the guided bus tours available from Bath to Stonehenge. 

How much time should I spend in Stonehenge?

You should allocate at least 2 to 3 hours for your Stonehenge visit. Within this timeframe, you can delve deep into the site's captivating history, appreciate its architectural mastery, and explore the new visitor centre. For a comprehensive experience, savouring both the iconic stone circle and absorbing the surrounding landscape's ambience is essential. This duration ensures you don't rush and miss out on the monument's essence.

How long does it take to travel from Bath to Stonehenge?

Depending upon the mode of travel, the time taken will range from one hour to two hours. If you opt to travel by train from Bath to Salisbury railway station. Followed by, taking the special bus service Stonehenge Tour Bus operated from Salisbury to Stonehenge, it will take around two hours. On the other hand, it takes approximately an hour if going by car or taking a cab, and one and half hour by bus.

Are there guided tours available from Bath to Stonehenge?

Yes, several service providers or companies provide guided Bath to Stonehenge tours including Stonehenge bus tours. Such tours involve a guided tour including travelling through beautiful villages with at least one stop. Depending upon companies, what all such tours include might differ. Some combinations of the Bath to Stonehenge tour might involve a visit to Stonehenge and return journey to Bath, whereas some do not.

What is the best time to visit Stonehenge?

The best time to visit Stonehenge is during the spring or autumn season when the monument is less crowded. It is the best time to witness the beauty of Stonehenge in pleasant weather. during the months of April, May or October, when the weather is neither cold nor rainy. The journey becomes awe-inspiring during this time. In a day, the best time to visit Sonehenge is during early morning right after opening or during late afternoon before the vicinity closes.

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What is the Stonehenge famous for?

An ancient monument, Stonehenge is famous because it is a UNESCO world heritage site, and is a popular tourist attraction at Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England. It is one of the most architecturally sophisticated prehistoric stone circles in the world. Displaying prevalent British culture during ancient times, Stonehenge is also regarded as a British cultural icon. It is one of its own kind, surviving stone circles in the world. 


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